Five Ways to Create a Dreamy Chill Spot Outside

 I always have loved the idea of creating a cool chill spot outside in the wild! Whether it be by the beach or in the woods, its easy and fun to create a dreamy spot for a picnic, party or date! Here are ten items you can use to build your own!

  • Mattress or floor pillows, use these as the focal point of the spot.
  • Fabric, linens, tapestries, anything you can use to make a canopy or drape around the bed.
  • Soft blankets and lots of pillows, line the bed and perimeter with pillows. Place all the soft blankets in the center and draped to the sides.
  • String lights, these create such a beautiful lighting for nighttime, intertwine these within your fabrics for the canopy.
  • Books, beverages, a great friend, a lover, dinner, snacks, anything you would like to make it uniquely yours!


Link below are some of the items I love to use! 


Other Tips!

-Use rugs for around the area to give it a homey feel!

-I LOVE plants in any type of design, so add these for a great natural feel!

-I used a pole across the fence to lay the blankets over for a canopy effect!

-Sheepskin is one of my favorite items to throw on a chair, couch or bed! Soft luscious feel!